The Original Bibliography

Welcome to my personal project. You can call me the Retronaut, or Retro for short. I enjoy exploring and learning about the past (and you most likely too since you probably found this site yourself by Neocities) so, this site is an ode to such love.

If you're interested to dig further about this site conception, you can check it here.

This is my first website, so expect a lot of updates and changes in an accelerated period of time. I mainly give the site a recreative intent. I appreciate the anonymity the internet originally and can still gave in such plataforms (with some additional effort!), so I'll refrain to talk about personal matters unless it's relevant to, including the use of big tech social media. And that's all you need to know about me, for now.

What you could expect in the near future getting from this site:

I might also share my original works in spanish, my native language. Some entries in english may get translated. Oh, and the website will probably gradually get to look better, and prettier. Including images, backgrounds, quotes, buttons, midi music, and pretty colors. Perhaps a guestbook too.

You can contact me at, or just comment on my profile. Feel free of suggesting ideas or resources for the next works. Cheers.