Welcome to the directory! In this section you'll find the vault of all recommended resources and websites by me, The Retronaut. They will be sorted by a system closely inspired by The Dewey Decimal System,trying to preserve most of its essence.

  1. If available, must be under the top 10k of traffic, according to the filters on MillionShort, at the time of being added. For the sake of highlight the most obscure, lesser known websites, and make the directory more useful.
  2. Must have at least partial, ideally most of their content accesible to the public. So, no paywalled journals, or invitation only services.
  3. No website promoted to host illegal activity, according the US law. Just for preventing trouble.

Retronaut's Digital Decimal Classification:

000 - Reference & indexing
To seek and find resources and factual information.

100 - Personal sites & blogs
For websites created by a single person.

200 - Internet communities & cults
For sites that have gained following and an unique identity.

300 - Forums & chatboards
For sites intended to discussion.

400 - Tutorials & guides
For counselling regarding a certain skill.

500 - Collections & directories
For getting curated lists of content.

600 - News & articles
For reading individual articles, or press.

700 - Projects & simulations
For programs to fill a certain purpose (such as education).

800 - Fun & experimental
For sites deemed as fun/"useless"

900 - Official webpages
For hosting the original source of a certain work (software, commercial products, etc)

[There's currently 0 links inside the directory, but that will be subject to change as soon as possible] [Work in progress, this site will be subjected to numerous changes in the upcoming days, inclunding a site map!]